Debt Consolidation

Yes, you really can buy your own home or consolidate that personal debt.

Things happen in life. We lose our job. Relationships break down. Businesses fail. We get into debt.

Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like lenders don’t understand your situation. They only want ‘perfect’ customers and, if you fall outside those narrow boundaries, you’re left to fend for yourself.

But Lending Mate does care. We don’t judge. We just listen. We’ve helped many people buy or refinance their own homes when they thought all hope was lost after someone else said NO.

How? We work with lenders that look at things differently. These are lenders that offer loans to people in challenging situations. They treat you like a real person with a real life.

Get in touch now. Tell us your story. Let us help you.

Business Loans

Take your business to the next level

Being self-employed is hard. Customers need to be taken care of, fires need to be put out and bills need to be paid.

You want to grow your business. You know how to make it happen. But the bank says NO.

Get in touch with Lending Mate. Tell us about your business vision. Because there’s a good chance we can get you a business loan whether it be business finance, asset and equipment finance or short term funding.

How? We work with ‘specialist’ lenders that take a much more open-minded approach to self-employed customers.

Personal Loans / Car Loans

We solve money problems every day

When times get tough, we can find ourselves drowning in debt, and it can seem like there’s no way out.

Debt consolidation is one possible solution. We help people get personal loans so they can pay off their old debt – and then use a structured repayment program to clear their new debt as well.

We also organize car loans for people who may have had financial challenges in the past.

Contact us today. We’re on your side.

Investment Property Loans

Find out how to beat the “bank said No”

Why do the banks judge people who have faced challenges in their life?

Why do they make it so hard for good, honest people to get investment loans or refinance?

Thankfully, the banks aren’t the only game in town. There are alternatives. They’re called ‘specialist’ lenders. They’re flexible. They treat customers like people – not numbers and most of all see the past as an event in time that has now passed meaning you wont be held back from your future.

Get in touch with us today. Tell us about your situation. If there’s a lender that can help you, we’ll make your investments happen.