Supporting the Solo Broker

Simplifying the Way Finance Brokers
Build Their Business

Work for yourself not by yourself

  • Just starting out as a Broker or have you been in the industry for a few years?
  • Determined to learn & grow, but don’t want to get lost in a group of others?
  • Looking for someone who will return calls, answer your scenarios in a timely manner & talk with you weekly about YOUR business and current deals?
  • Maybe your current Mentor doesn’t understand your business or puts you second?

The credit landscape is rapidly shifting with customer best interests’ duty, compliance, living expenses, the list of changes keeps growing. Add to this the findings of the recent Royal Commission being implemented, there is more onus being placed on the Finance Broker. With customer outcomes and your business growth at stake; having the right training, systems and support in place is critical.


I know firsthand that being in business can be overwhelming and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Having someone who will  work with you to implement a proven system with full support will allow for a thriving business with happy clients and most of all a lot less worry and mental stress. It’s time to let go of the traditional way of learning, and step onto a new support path that will ensure long-term personal success in your brokerage business.

I support Solo Brokers like you to:

  • Save valuable time and money

  • speed up growth through personalised one-on-one support, providing the ability to learn at your own pace

  • reduce the need for loan reworks

  • enjoy faster loan preparation and quality customer outcomes

  • run your business smoothly, so you can sleep at night without worry

  • keep your commissions. I don’t take a cent

  • build a strong and loyal loan book of happy long-term clients

  • reduce the common inconsistencies that cause unnecessary frustration

I focus on getting the basics (systems, procedures, workflows) setup correctly, laying the foundations so you have a sustainable business without the overwhelm. Building a sales funnel or a 6-figure business is all good but if what is offered comes to fruition you won’t be able to handle the influx of clients and be stressed out due to not having the “basics” set up.

Explore our program features:

The Problem

Mentoring & Broker support programs can vary widely, both in content, quality and Mentor availability. There are some brilliant Mentors out there and, while there is a framework set by the industry for mentoring, there is no specific way in which it must be delivered, so the differences in the quality of what the Finance Broker may receive can be varied. 


Hard to believe but there are some Brokers who never hear from their Mentor or get lost in a group of other Mentees and at the time they need them most, (when a new loan comes their way), they are alone, overwhelmed and have to figure it out themselves.

The Solution

You don’t have to experience the stressful business rollercoaster of continuous ups and downs. Let me deliver the time-tested personal support that will bring you the greatest results possible without all the fluff.


Delivering on promises. This is a big statement to make, but I can back it up as I limit the number of Finance Brokers I work with. I work one-on-one, allowing you to fully utilise my unique skills and current knowledge providing the ability for you to learn at your own pace and promptly receive feedback along the way while growing a successful and compliant brokerage.

Taking the overwhelm out of your broking business

Unmatched guidance every step of the way.

When you bring on clients, I will be right by your side, helping you prepare and answer any questions you have around loan structuring and processes. I will ensure that you have covered the required areas of lending and are growing in the direction that you desire.

Build a thriving and compliant Broking business without sacrificing a healthy work/life balance

Why Choose The Solo Broker?

Because I am focused on you and your success. My sole aim is to help you grow and put you first…

  • I understand the complexities of building an efficient business.

  • I have been there and done that, so I know the right and wrong ways to build a business.

  • The only way for a business to properly succeed is by having the right mindset and engaging the right partners to be by your side that have been in your shoes and successfully come out on top.

Given the right systems, processes, and knowledge means nothing if you are not going to act upon it, so if you are willing to grow, I would love to guide you every step of the way.

In business there are a lot of unknowns we are forced to find out by ourselves through years of trial and error. Why?


Over the last 12 years in the finance broking industry I have personally experienced, the highs and lows that came with carving out my own path. I had worked the massive hours preparing deals and placing scenarios, wasted hard-earned money and valuable time on numerous marketing campaigns, coaches, and courses…until one day I finally realised that if I wanted to get anywhere, I needed to reach out and learn directly from those who were already where I wanted to be.


Now it is great me suggesting you reach out and learn from someone but who do you choose? With endless options of those who can help you, it’s easy to become confused and overwhelmed, often resulting in no action being taken!


Social Media only makes things worse by portraying the “me me” side of business…But how does this help YOU in YOUR Business? It’s safe to say, it doesn’t help as your business is different to theirs.

Peter Ellis

Founder of Lending Mate

Success to me is knowing that Finance Brokers have someone who is there
to support them when needed.

We Trim the Fat and Only Deliver the Quality
Mentoring You Need

Our Vision

“To provide Finance Brokers with a personalised and transparent partnership with access to current industry knowledge and the FULL support required to build a thriving and compliant Broking business without sacrificing a healthy work/life balance”.

Our Mission

“Every day our team transforms the Finance Industry Mentoring experience by providing a people-first approach to demystify and simplify business growth. Our community values a safe, open & honest environment where Brokers are heard, understood, and provided with guidance throughout their business journey” 

Working with our lending partners and other proven industry experts, we are here to ensure that you build the life that you dreamed of when you first became a broker.

Raising the bar for Mentoring Finance Brokers around Australia.

Our mentoring and full-support fills in the missing gaps.

Think of us as your support partner in business, your Mentor and your Business Development Manager, all in one.

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