Here’s the thing …

Others think we’re crazy!

Because Lending Mate™ focuses on people, not profits. We work with customers who have had a finance application declined, those who feel like they’ve been ignored or have been put in the ‘too hard basket’ by the lenders or brokers they’ve dealt with.

We know that behind every application, there’s a human.

I established Lending Mate™ to help borrowers who don’t fit standard lending criteria – to find them options and bring to light lending policy that is not widely known .

Once a loan application has been declined many are left to fend for themselves, not knowing what to do next or how to approach another lender.

Lending Mate is a friend who can help you pick up the pieces and match you with an alternative lender – a flexible institution that will assess your loan application on it’s merits, not an algorithm.

Lenders won’t do business with you unless you meet their criteria. But at Lending Mate, it’s our job to find you a specialist lender that meets your criteria. Based on your life, not a book of conditions.

Founder of Lending Mate™

Why getting a loan can be so hard?

Do you need personalized service with your finance application? Maybe your hand held throughout the process? Have questions? Want to run some proper figures? What is possible without the sales spiel? Help filling in an application? The right documents to collect?

You have probably already discovered that the finance sector, like any industry is a business. There to sell products. You cannot open a magazine, go online or view Social Media these days without seeing an advert for a financial product.

Most lenders have a core group of loan products and through advertising, try to steer as many people as possible into their stores or sites. The more people they can sell to, the more competitive they can be with rates and other special offers and the more streamlined their internal approval process can be.

At the end of the day, this means that the loans you usually hear about the most are the ones that suit most people (or the perfect candidates). That’s fine if you fit what they are looking for in a client. But what if you’re a little bit different, a unique situation? Divorced? Self employed? Previous credit concerns? The advertising suggests the lenders are waiting to welcome you with open arms, come one, come all. But if you don’t fit their credit access criteria, they won’t give you a loan.

Unfortunately, most people only find this out the hard way – after their application is rejected. That’s not only a heartbreaking waste of time but very frustrating. Even worse, you most likely will not be given an alternative option of how to achieve your goals.

But at Lending Mate, we’ll give you the personalized service you deserve. We’ll take the time to get to know your unique circumstances so we can match you with a lender that can help customers just like you.

Why failed loan applications can be very costly?

Spotted an ultra-cheap home loan? Feel like there’s no harm in applying? Think again!

Would you apply for a job if you knew nothing about it except the salary? Where is the job located? Hours? Skills needed? You know nothing…right! The problem with applying for loans online is that you have no idea if your personal situation will be accepted by the lender.

What do they look for in a client? Have you been employed long enough? Are your savings and income enough to qualify? What is listed on your credit file?

Failed loan applications can produce unintended consequences. Why? Because a black mark might be placed on your credit file – which could make it even harder to get approved with another lender.

Falling in love with an interest rate you can’t get is like falling in love with a home you can’t afford. At Lending Mate, we fit policy to people, not people to policy. We use our expert knowledge to match you with lenders that will say yes rather than no.

The smart way to go about getting finance

No one willing to help you? Don’t despair. Firstly, they probably don’t know of the other options that exist out there. Secondly, there are many lenders in Australia that help borrowers in tricky financial situations. Surprised? Most people are.
These lenders fly under the radar, because they don’t splash cash on expensive advertising campaigns.

These alternative lenders are much more flexible than many of the banks. They judge people on their merits, so they’re happy to work with customers who have had setbacks in life.

Lending Mate has an in-depth knowledge of these lenders, their products and their credit policies. We can help you find options that the banks won’t tell you about and most brokers don’t know about.