Sick of financial frustration
& money worries?

Talk to a Local Borrowers Advocate not a Chatbot!


Sick of financial frustration & money worries?

Talk to a Local Virtual Mortgage Broker not a Chatbot!

Lending Mate…the big stress-reliever.

If the last year or two has taught us one thing it is that life is better enjoyed when it has less stress and pressure involved. Researching finance when buying a home or needing some cashflow relief from your debts should be no different.

We know from 14 years of helping others with their financial needs that it is hard to enjoy life and truly relax when you’re worrying about your future thinking….

  • Can I buy my new home?
  • Will I ever get my debts under control?
  • How do I apply for a loan?
  • What will give me the best chances of approval?
  • Which lender is right for me as I don’t want my loan declined?
  • I need to do something now but haven’t got time to do the research.

This thinking takes a toll on your mental health and wellbeing and can lead to your relationships becoming strained and confidence taking a hit.

The advertising makes it seem so simple, “apply in 5 minutes or click here for an instant answer”– but in reality, the process and results can be vastly different.  A cheap rate looks attractive, but do you know what lurks behind the numbers in the terms and conditions?  Seriously, why risk a loan being declined when there is so much unknown about home loans!

The loans you usually hear about the most are the ones that suit most people (or the perfect candidates). That’s fine if you fit what they are looking for in a client. But what if your situation is a little bit different and you don’t fit their strict credit access criteria?  They won’t even consider you for a loan.

Stop the financial stress dead in its tracks when you partner with Lending Mate.

We ensure you have a voice in the lending process, involve you at every step, and never come in to take over, leaving you with no control. Our caring and knowledgeable team embraces the belief that “every Australian deserves equal access to money” and offer a level of money transparency unheard of in the financial services industry.


Protecting families from personal debt stress

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Dream big and we’ll help get you there

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Survive and thrive

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One income, limited time and don’t know where to start?

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Like to buy or build your own home or investment property? Consolidate your debts? Let a mate crunch the numbers.

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Life is too short to worry about money

We all know life has its ups and downs – so why don’t many lenders?

Lending Mate™ understands how confusing it can be to buy a home or refinance your debts.  We take the time to listen to your story. And we’ll handle the entire loan application process for you.

How does Lending Mate help?


Have an initial chat to determine if we may have a solution for your needs. If the timing is not right we are happy to keep in contact for when other opportunities arise.


Send you a secure link to our CLIENT PORTAL to complete which has everything listed that we need to review your situation.


We will review the CLIENT PORTAL and documents provided, then discuss possible options with the lenders that may be able to assist you.


Discuss our findings, giving you the full picture of the pros and cons of each option, allowing you to make an informed decision.


Prepare compliance & application documents and send to you to sign & return.


Send in your application and take care of everything from loan submission to settlement and beyond. We are Mates and with you for life.

Who is Lending Mate?

Lending Mate was founded by Peter Ellis, a beacon of hope for Australians struggling through the lending process. Peter credits his 13 years working in the hospital healthcare and pharmacy sector prior to finance with his desire to put people and health over profit and wealth. He helps his clients safely and swiftly navigate the lending market while wearing his heart and humanity on his sleeve.

Peter and the team at Lending Mate understand that life forever evolves. Business success and employment conditions change. Divorces, separations, and health events happen, often without warning. Late payments come about, and there are innumerable difficulties with being self-employed. However, none of these things should disqualify you from buying a new home or getting the much-needed cashflow you deserve.

Committed to changing how Australian’s access credit, helping you live a life not dictated by financial pressure and worry. You can enjoy happier relationships and less stress and frustration surrounding your finances with Lending Mate in your corner.

“Our community of finance experts we call Borrowers Advocates promote an honest, open, and safe environment where clients feel heard, respected, and understood. We offer a level of money transparency unheard of in the financial services industry, involve the client every step of the way, not come in to take over and they lose control”.

- Peter Ellis

What makes Lending Mate different?

What makes Lending Mate different is the people and philosophy behind the movement. We believe in bringing more transparency to the lending process and recognise that behind every finance application is someone with needs and wants. Borrowers deserve to understand the criteria credit providers use to approve or decline their loan applications. We know it is never too late to have the life you have always dreamed about and are committed to helping you get there without the need to jump through hoops.

Lending Mate supports alternative lending solutions who look at things differently. We have achieved successful outcomes for many of our clients who previously were advised there were no options left to explore. We remove money access roadblocks, save businesses and relationships, and reduce worries about money.

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Lending Mate Google Reviews

Kerry, Nsw

“We approached Peter at Lending Mate because we needed assistance with a home loan that wasn't your ordinary loan. Peter couldn't have been more helpful and supportive of our needs. Peter was easily contactable and available and we found the experience a truly positive one. I would highly recommend Lending Mate for anyone who needs assistance navigating the finance world and wants to have a positive, non-judgmental experience.”

Kelly, Canberra

“Super happy with the services provided by lending mate! I tried 4 brokers with no success until Peter was recommended to me! Thank you Peter!!”

Noel – Croydon

“I have been very happy with the service provided. I did not have much knowledge re home finance and Peter was extremely helpful answering my queries and working with our agent and solicitor to achieve a fantastic result. Well done.”