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Sick of financial frustration and money
worries? Us too.

Our Vision

of a new financial services industry is to…

“Give every Australian homeowner personalised, transparent and equitable access to credit for a generational shift and a new approach to life & living well.”

Our Mission

Everyday our helpful and caring team transform the borrowing experience with a people-first, sales-second approach, to demystify and simplify finance for Australian homeowners.

Our community values a safe, open and honest environment where they are heard, understood, and provided with transparent guidance and options at various stages throughout their life.

Life is too short to worry about money

We all know life has its ups and downs – so why don’t many lenders?

Lending Mate™ understands how confusing it can be to borrow money. The advertising makes it seem so simple – but then the result can be vastly different. We’ll take the time to listen to your story. And we’ll handle the entire loan application process for you.

Our Happy Customers

Kerry, Nsw

“We approached Peter at Lending Mate because we needed assistance with a home loan that wasn't your ordinary loan. Peter couldn't have been more helpful and supportive of our needs. Peter was easily contactable and available and we found the experience a truly positive one. I would highly recommend Lending Mate for anyone who needs assistance navigating the finance world and wants to have a positive, non-judgmental experience.”

Kelly, Canberra

“Super happy with the services provided by lending mate! I tried 4 brokers with no success until Peter was recommended to me! Thank you Peter!!”

Noel – Croydon

“I have been very happy with the service provided. I did not have much knowledge re home finance and Peter was extremely helpful answering my queries and working with our agent and solicitor to achieve a fantastic result. Well done.”


Loan application
knocked back?

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Banks giving you the

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Struggling with

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Financing your future hit a roadblock?

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Everyone deserves a fair go at getting finance

Looking for a Plan B after your loan application was declined?
You want to regain control of your life by restructuring your debts?
You want to get back on your feet after divorce, illness, unemployment or business failure?
You’re ready to enter the next stage of your life by moving to a new home?
You’re self-employed and looking for finance?
You’re single or older and want a loan?
You’re in a totally unique financial situation and need help?

We’ll save you from drowning in a sea of despair

Lending Mate takes the stress out of finance.

The financial system at times may not be on your side. But we are. It can be heartbreaking when a loan application is declined. Just because you’ve had a setback or your situation doesn’t suit the lender doesn’t make you a bad person or not worthy of credit.

We want to hear your story. Together, we’ll discuss how to get your finances back on track and, hopefully, qualify for a loan.

We have an experienced team that has solved many complicated financial problems over the years. Chances are, we’ve already dealt with a situation just like yours.

We’ve built close relationships with alternative lenders – flexible lenders that judge people on their merits, rather than by rigid rules.

We know their policies inside out, so we can match you with the lender that best meets your criteria.

Finance can be incredibly stressful. So sit back, relax and leave the hard work to us.